Best Cashback and Rewards Credit Cards in India 2020

Cashback credit cards are considered as a great option with maximum flexibility whenever you redeem the rewards. Everyone wants to get a card that can provide them more cashback in some specific categories like shopping or some other purchases. No matter, where you are spending your amount, but if you are getting the cashback then it will definitely be a happy going thing for you. Considering the same, here we are providing you details about some of the best cashback credit cards available that you can get in this year 2020. So, let’s get started.


Standard chartered ultimate card

the standard chartered ultimate card is one of the best cashback credit cards available for you through which you can easily on a great value whenever you spend your amount on purchasing. Additionally, as a welcome gift, you can earn up to rupees 10000 cash back if you book your tickets through MakeMyTrip. It is important for you to determine that the booking must be done within the first 90 days of the ownership of the card.

Apart from this, on your general spending; you will also get the best in market 3.3% rupee value back with no exclusions. The best part is this card comes at a relatively high fee that is rupees 5000. along with all other benefits, there are several amazing travel fox associated with 4 lounge visits per quarter also you will get the chance to earn 1 free priority pass visit per month if you reach the monthly spending of 20,000 rupees. Apart from this, you will also get 5% of duty-free purchases along with a 2% foreign currency transaction amount.

IndusInd Iconia American express

If you are thinking about getting one of the best cashback credit cards with low fees in the market then this will be the best option available for you. On every weekly spend; you can easily earn 1.5 % cashback with 2% back on weekends. This excludes the fuel purchased. You just need to pay the joining fees of rupees 3500 and thereafter you do not pay any sort of annual fees or charge.

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As compared to others, the amount you pay with this card is relatively low. There are several amazing advantages associated with this card like the two quarterly visits to the American express airport lounge, travel insurance, free goals and 20% of lemon tree hotel properties. When you are willing to have a very versatile cashback card that comes with relatively low fees then this is the best option available for you.

Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum credit card

If you are thinking about getting a card that can provide you amazing cashback on your travel bookings then the standard chartered platinum card is the best option available. It provides the cardholders with 10% cashback on all the travel bookings that are done through Yatra. It includes domestic flights, international flights and also hotel bookings. Apart from this, this card also provides an amazing benefit of avoiding the fees when the cardholder cancels the flights.


Along with an amazing cashback rate, this card also offers a reward rate of 0.95 percent. This will be rewarded whenever the booking will be done through the Yatra platform. It can easily be noted that this card offers amazing rewards and it is the best option for all those willing to receive cashback whenever they spend their amount on travelling.

Bank of Baroda financial select credit card


This is undoubtedly one of the most valuable cashback credit cards are available in the market. And in case, your annual spend reach is rupees 70000 then your annual fees will also get waived off. The Bank of Baroda financial select card is undoubtedly an amazing option available for all those who when you the investment. The biggest source of value of this credit card is its monthly bonus of rupees 250.this bonus will be rewarded upon 5 transactions of at least rupees 1000 within one month that is the 30 days.

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On the daily spending, the cardholder will get a report of 1.25% rupee value back. It will be 5 points to 2 rupees 100. It includes online shopping dining and utilities. If the spending is below average then it will be one point per hundred rupees. Discard place amazingly in providing you enough amount on your monthly spending as the monthly bonus.

IndusInd Bank Pioneer legacy credit card

When you get amazing rewards then you usually consider the annual fee worth paying. But what if we say that now you do not need to pay any salt of the annual fee and still you can get the best cashback options then? Yes, with the help of Indus lens Pioneer legacy credit card, you do not need to pay any sort of annual fee.

Apart from this, this credit card from IndusInd Bank provides you a great 1% rupee value pack on your weekly spending and 2% on the weekends. If you are willing to get a plane, simple and a truly no fees cashback card then this will be the best option available for you. As a welcome gift, you will get Oberoi hotel for genesis luxury vouchers and as an anniversary bonus, you will get 6000 points on rupees 6 lacs + spending within one year from the card issuance.

Bob financial prime credit card

If you are thinking about getting a credit card against the fixed deposits then the Bank of Baroda financial prime credit card will be the best option available. It is also popular as the secured credit card and also it is a smart option available for building up your credit and eventually provide you more profitable card down the road. with this card, you will be reported with a 1% value pack on your daily spending and also it comes with the lowest deposit requirement that is rupees 15000. If you are willing to earn good cashback whenever you go against the fixed deposits then this is the best option available in our list for you.

Simply click SBI Credit Card

If you are one of those who love online shopping and food delivery then this is the best card available for you. it is undoubtedly an amazing cashback credit card available for all the online spending including groceries, travel, shopping, entertainment, dining and others. discard provide you a great 2.5 rupee value back on Amazon, food panda, Lens Kart, BookMyShow, Clear trip, and urban clap as well.

On another online spending also, you will get 1.25% value back. As a welcome gift, you will get rupees 500 to spend on Amazon. The anniversary bonus associated with this card is rupees 2000 Clear trip voucher each on annual spending of rupees 100000 or the point value at this card is rupees 1 for 4 points.


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