Seven Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Often the holders of a credit card like to venture for a balance transfer option in their credit cards. A number of top banks in the country are offering the service to their benevolent customers. If you want to put it in the simplest form, credit card balance transfer means transferring the amount due in one card to another card. It is a pure form of mutual transfer and is approved by the RBI. Best Balance Transfer Cards in the country include the City Bank Card, ICICI Bank Credit Card, SBI Card, HDFC Bank Credit Card, SCB Card, and many others.

Some of the internationally Acclaimed Best Balance Transfer Cards:


Bank America Card

Why chosen

The card is one of the Best Balance Transfer Cards options, the reason being zero percent introductory APR.  The card is great to pay off dues with other costly cards and finance a major purchase.


The card charges no annual fee and there is no penalty APR for the delayed repayment.

The Wells Fargo Platinum Card

Why Chosen

The person who wants to avail Best Balance Transfer Cards option will enjoy a saving of a maximum of $2500 on a current APR of 15%. However, the introductory transfer will not subject to any APR percentage. A lengthy period of 18 months is allowed to make the opening balance transfer.


There is no annual fee; the holder is easily accessed to FICO Credit Score with Wells Fargo online. The holder’s cell phone will be covered against theft and damage if the bills are paid regularly in due time.

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The City Double Cash Card

Why chosen

There are myriad reasons for keeping this as the Best Balance Transfer Cards option. With the card, the holder is allowed to enjoy an effective 2% cashback over the purchases made. One percent is allowed when the purchase is made and another 1% when payment is offered. The long-lasting introductory APR and absence of any annual fee serve supplementary deals.


The card offers a simple reward structure. Besides, no categorical restrictions are there and there is no limit on cashback earnings.

The Cash Magnet Card from AMEX

Why Chosen

It was observed that the card offers zero percent APR on balance transfer at the time of introduction. The bank offers repayment within a period of 15 months for introducing the transfer.

Besides, the Best Balance Transfer Cards kindles savings based on the transfer. The amount is $2500; however, an applicable APR rate will be applicable to @15%.


The holders are allowed in the form of reward dollars that are proposed to redeem for statement credits. There is no annual fee for the card.

Chase Slate Card

Why Chosen

Experts vow for it as the Best Balance Transfer Cards option in the market. The 15-month zero percent APR serves the purpose with deemed excellence. It is required that the transfer is made within a period of 60 days. Else, a transfer fee of 5% will be charged.


The card enjoys the FICO score which is absolutely free.

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AMEX Everyday Credit Card

Why Chosen

The card offers unique Best Balance Transfer Cards option for people who have habits of shopping in US supermarkets. The availability of a solid Introductory APR Offer adds ice to the cake.


The card helps its clients with no annual fee offer. With various offers in the redemption category, a flexible rewards program could also be designed. The welcome bonus is offered for the new cardholders that could easily be earned.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card

Why Chosen

The reason for choosing this Best Balance Transfer Cards as a valid option is the longest period over which the client is allowed to transfer the balance. Such transfer can be made within a period of 21 months for which no APR will be charged.

However, the client is advised not to transfer any balance after the period of 21 months is over. In that case, the entire previously transferred balance will be added to the new balance. The gross amount will be charged at the advanced rate.


No annual fee is charged for the card.


From the discussion, it is clear that people consider the Best Balance Transfer Cards option for a rescue from the hassle of debt. It requires no mention that such transference should be made with extreme precaution. Terms and Conditions relating to transfer and maintenance as well as fees should be properly taken into account.

The alert customer has safeguarded customer.


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