What Is Experian Boost? How It Can Help You To Boost Your Credit Score

Basically, boosting the credit score mostly need certain months or years to make the most effective financial decisions and behavior. Sure this process seems to be very much tough for everyone and people got stuck in this process with the less range of credit scores. Now here comes the new tool from Experian known as Experian boost.

It mainly offers the most advanced process of expanding the creditworthiness of more number of population. It is especially for those who do not have any or less borrowing history. Now here comes a dilemma, as the lenders are unwilling to lend to those who do not have any kind of history of borrowing. Here, you can check out the complete details about the Experian boost.

What is Experian Boost?


Experian boost is mainly considered as the free service and it let consumers add their additional data to the history of their credit. It is mainly to boost their credit score in a most extraordinary manner.

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How does Experian Boost work?

The major idea behind the boost is to help the consumers by understanding the timely payment of mobile bills and utility bills by calculating the credit scores in a most effective manner. Often, the financial aspects have been avoided by credit bureaus and they can help to increase the consumer’s credit score in a most effective manner.

The users of the Experian boost do not need to pay anything at the time of beginning. This service mainly supports the people, those who are struggling to gain a better credit score or else built credit from scratch. Those who require boosting their credit score via the boost have to authorize the Experian boost. It is mainly to access the bank statement to find out the timely payment of mobile bills and utility bills. Here the Experian makes use of this information to adjust the Experian credit score and credit report in a most effective manner.

You have to note one thing that, the boost will consider your positive payment history. And it will never count any of your missed or defaulted payments on your mobile or utility bills. Here, this concept makes it unique from another traditional process of calculating the credit score where the missed or defaulted payments affect your score.

As it is said, in order to consider the benefits of boost, you need to allow Experian to access your complete bank account through their official site. In this process, a new credit score is offered to you within sometime upon confirmation and verification to add the data in your credit file. The complete procedure will take around 5 minutes and as a conclusion, it will increase your credit score.

Is Experian Boost Useful?


At the time of initial testing this process, Experian declares that:

  • Around 10% of the consumers who are having thin files due to the absence of credit history are eligible for the credit after making use of the boost.
  • Almost all the people, who make use of this process, have faced a boost in their credit score in a top-notch manner.
  • Then 75% of the users those who are having the credit score less than 680 have increased their scores effectively
  • Then the average credit score can be increased by around 10 points.

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Benefits of using Experian Boost:

At the time of applying for the line of credit or loan, then the lenders make use of the scores from any kind of credit bureaus. There are 3 credit bureaus are available and each one provides various versions of your scores. Mostly, boost affects the FICO 8 score, Experian Credit report, FICO 9 score, VantageScore 4 or VantageScore 3 credit scores.

This tool will be best for those who are having 5 credit score or trade lines between 580 to 670, according to the organization behind the boost. But somehow, most of the customers can able to make use of the advantage of this Experian boost and the company which estimates that around 66% of consumers can boost their credit score. It is possible by making use of this tool


From the above-mentioned scenario, everyone can understand what is Experian Boost and how it can help you to boost your credit score. So why are you still way? The time has come now for you. Just start using the Experian Boost and improve your credit score.


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