Apna Khata – How to Check the Copy of ROR Jamabandi Nakal?

Most of the people who come across this article must be searching for the official apna khata portal. If this is the fact, then you are in the right place. Apna Khata is an initiative of the Revenue Department of Rajashthan to computerize all the land records of the state.

The launch of apna khata made it easier for the people to check their updated land records online by putting some necessary information over the portal. This portal is primarily to provide the copy of land records (Jamabandi Nakal) to the residence of Rajasthan. 


What are the uses of Rajashthan Jamabandi Nakal/Records of rights?

Like every other thing, this document has its importance and uses as well. I have mentioned some of the uses of Jamabandi Nakal below.

  • You can check out the ownership details and the ancestral land property using the ROR document.
  • This document also helps in providing information regarding all the activities and the type of land.
  • This document is essential during the sale or mortgage of any land.
  • The landowner can apply for the loan based on this document.
  • The person can also obtain other information about the agricultural aspect of their land.

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What are the benefits of Apna Khata 2020?

There are various benefits of getting computerized land records of the property. I have mentioned some of the advantages of Apna Khata 2019 below.

  • Apna Khata, let the people check their land records during any time of the day and also, they can check their records from anywhere.
  • It also does save the time and effort of the people. It is because earlier people have to visit the revenue department for getting this document, and this took almost a day for them.
  • It also had reduced the manual work.
  • The increase in transparency in the record system. It means everything would be clear and straightforward, with no false information.
  • You can check your land records using Apna Khata and also check out the updates on the regular basis.

How to Check the Copy of ROR Jamabandi Nakal?

It is a quick process after the digitalization and launch of the Apna Khata initiative. It means one can check out their land records online without visiting the revenue department. To make sure the process is quick and easier for the people, I have added the steps below.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Apna Khata. You can have a visit by clicking here http://apnakhata.raj.nic.in/Home.aspx.
  • Now, from the homepage, select the respective district.
  • Now, select the tehsils under the specific district.
  • Now select the year of which you need the records.
  • Now, get all the details by putting the required information asked there.
  • That’s it.

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I agree, and I support the initiative of Apna Khata launched by the revenue department of India. It is to make the manual workload less and also to keep every data online updated and straightforward to the people. In this article, I have added all the required information you need to know about Apna Khata 2020. Still, if there is anything else to ask, then feel free to ask us in the comments section.


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