Is buying iPhone 11 pro on EMI worth it?

iPhone 11 pro is one of the most expensive mobile phones in the market. Therefore, consumers are now wondering whether it is worth buying the iPhone 11 pro on EMI.

People in today’s world have become smarter and intelligent as they have started analyzing before investing their hard-earned money into gadgets, especially on mobile phones.

The iPhone 11 Pro that is priced at around $1,000 is an expensive investment for all those working-class people who are fond of Apple products.

Many reviews are available online, which helps you in understanding if investing in the product is worth it? 

People who are looking for options like EMI mobile phone to buy this Apple product must read the below reviews before deciding to buy it.

iPhone 11 Cameras

If you love capturing photos and videos, then you must opt for iPhone 11 Pro, and if you are out of cash, you can choose EMI mobile phone option. 

According to many experts, Apple has taken all the criticisms for its previous version phones quite seriously and has upgraded the camera to a large extent. 

They have made sure that this time they would launch the product by making enormous improvements in the pixels and offer the best to their reliable and regular customers. 

As people cannot help themselves comparing iPhone 11 Pro with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus phone, they have figured out that the camera options of iPhone 11 Pro are much better than the Samsung ones. 

Therefore, if you love to click photos, then you should definitely get the iPhone 11 pro on EMI mobile phone option if you don’t have instant cash. 

If you don’t have a debit or credit card you can use Zestmoney, which is the fastest way to pay in EMI without credit card. 

Speed of the phone

With Apple making a lot of enhancements to the iPhone 11 Pro, they have made sure that the speed should not be compromised. 

With A13 Bionic Chip being installed on the phone, it offers fast and secure speed, making sure that you don’t face any hassles when you are using it. 

The A13 processor and 4GB RAM are very much similar to the rest of the iPhone models; however, the enhancements done in the processors ensure that the phone works quite faster when performing multiple tasks. 

Apart from this, the Graphic performance of the phone is commendable when compared to other Apple models.


If you have used any one of the previous iPhones, then you might not notice any big difference in the screen of the phone. 

However, if you haven’t used any iPhones yet, then you can easily make out the difference when you start comparing the display with and other mobile phones. 

The iPhone 11 Pro has Retina XDR display features that make it different from others that use the OLED-Bearing display features. 

The screen appears beautiful and smooth when compared to the other Apple products. 

There is a feature in this phone that reduces the temperature of the screen dynamically by analyzing the level of the ambient light surrounding you. 

When you are taking photos on the phone, the same feature helps in controlling the temperature of the phone to a great extent.

LCD Displays in this iPhone 11 Pro is much better than the previous version. When you compare iPhone 11 Pro with iPhone 11, then the colors in this current version are punchier and vibrant. 

Although there might not be a massive difference in the design or display of iPhone 11 Pro when you compare this phone with iPhone 11; however, you will notice the colors are blacker and more attractive.

Therefore, opting for EMI mobile phone options to buy iPhone 11 Pro would not be a regrettable decision for you.

The battery of the phone

When you are investing such a huge amount of money on the phone, irrespective of you buying it on EMI or in cash, you will have to ensure that the phone offers a great battery life. 

Apple is known to stand by the expectations that people have on them. Therefore, they try to make promises that they can stand upon, and this time, too, they haven’t disappointed their loyal customers. 

With the massive improvements taking place within the Apple industry, they have also ensured that they are giving proper attention to the phone’s battery life. 

When you compare iPhone 11 Pro with other models of iPhones, it provides an additional 4 to 5 hours of battery life. 

This means that if an iPhone gives a battery backup of about 9 hours, then iPhone 11 Pro offers a battery backup of 12 to 13 hours quickly. So, get ready to choose the best EMI mobile phone options to buy iPhone Pro.

Looks of the phone

With Apple experimenting with the looks of its phone, they have ensured that the looks of the iPhone 11 Pro are quite pleasant and handy. 

For all of its premium phones, Apple has experimented with a midnight green color that enhances the beauty of the phone and adds a classy look to it. 

The look of the iPhone 11 Pro is quite different from the others because of the usage of this midnight green color, features, and the size of the phone. 

Many people are very much excited to buy this iPhone 11 Pro because of its looks and designs. So, if you are one of them, then you must start looking for EMI mobile phone options right now. 


There are many elements of the iPhone 11 Pro that cannot be explained in words. 

With Apple focusing on offering cutting-edge performance to its loyal customers, they have considered installing all the necessary features like waterproof, scratchproof, etc. on the phone itself.

The phone also supports Wi-Fi 6 Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Atmos, Face ID, Audio Surround, and the best quality of stereo speakers. 

It makes it worth the money that you are investing in buying the phone, either on EMI or on card payments. 

Also, the Deep Fusion feature on the iPhone sifts through the pictures that you are capturing, analyzing the pixels appropriately, and creates a final photo with more details, significant dynamic ranges, and less noise. 

So, it’s worth it for you to invest in EMI mobile phone options to buy iPhone 11 Pro!

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