What is Taxslayer? How Does It Work?

In 1998, a company founded TaxSlayer.com which provided traditional tax filing services. Now with over 130 staff at its Georgian offices, TaxSlayer is regarded as one of the most competitive tax preparation providers. TaxSlayer is also one of the most common companies, with millions of tax returns prepared annually.

Through creativity and a positive experience at the forefront of the priorities of TaxSlayer, the company aims to offer excellent tools and technical support to customers in the tax season. TaxSlayer combined with its affordability is a strong tax planning option.

What is Taxslayer?


TaxSlayer traces its roots to a tax preparation company that began in 1965. The company has grown over the years to provide solutions for electronic tax preparation to keep up with technology and customer needs.

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TaxSlayer has a host of options and is simple to use — but the price range is cheaper than most other applications for tax preparations. Like other tax tools like TurboTax, TaxSlayer is fully cloud-based. You only have the option of completing your electronic tax return using your laptop or mobile computer.

How does Taxslayer Work?

TaxSlayer is like any other digital tax planning program in that it directs you step by step on your audit. You can use their wizard tool to answer questions if you are not sure what to say.

TaxSlayer has five key proposals for tax preparation:

  • Simply Free
  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Self-Employed
  • Ultimate

If you’re a new user, you’ll be given the option to pick your package once you start filing. The software will ask you to update if you’re trying to do something that isn’t part of your current schedule. When you’ve done e-filing, the final price is always set, so prepare consequently.

Which package provided by TaxSlayer provides you with the choice either to use the guided wizard-style filing where the program guides you through the step-by-step tax filing process or a self-guided choice where you select the type of forms to complete. Between the two modules, you can switch back and forth, which is a good choice if you know what you are doing but want some support from other people.

Who should use Taxslayer?

The prices of TaxSlayer make it a good choice for those who would like an affordable tax planning service. And if you’ve got any background in tax reporting, TaxSlayer will help you save money. Many of its extra features are available with the more costly choices, such as audit assistance, but you’ll still pay around the same or less than other filing services. TaxSlayer does not provide a wide number of educational resources and guides, as some other providers do. It might make it a less than ideal service for first-time filers, but if you have a straightforward tax situation that might not be a big deal (i.e. you have only W-2 income without land, no major investments, and no dependents).

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Features of Taxslayer:


  • TaxSlayer’s new iteration definitely comes along with an impressive feature list. And, as its developers want to remind you, they’ve created a great interface for your tax filing needs.
  • After you’ve signed up for an account, you’ll be able to pay your refund fee, enjoy personalized fee tips and unique reminders, get more ways to collect your refund, and use new resources that allow quicker, more productive filing. TaxSlayer is also inclined to handle your financial condition during the year.
  • TaxSlayer’s Simply Free is a simple, usable way to plan, print, and e-file taxes in its most basic form, while it applies to additional provisions for itemized deductions for education.


  • Every tax form contains the cheapest paid edition (Classic).
  • It’s all-around half the price of TurboTax.TaxSlayer is really one of the most inexpensive tools for tax preparations out there. Many firms that promote free filing give free federal filing only and make you pay for state filing. TaxSlayer only lets you file for free, and the other versions cost a fraction of other people’s costs.
  • Fast mid-stream navigation and change of entry methods
  • Fast File feature to speed up filing
  • System for comparison with the previous year.
  • TaxSlayer is simple and easy to use. Their dashboard lets you know exactly where you’re in the process, and their program lets you switch between self-directed and directed at a hat’s drop. You may also use their online edition or their smartphone app to complete your taxes. This is especially useful for those with difficult fiscal circumstances.


  • Not understanding exactly what version you are going to use before the cycle begins
  • Difference negligible between Basic and Ultimate services.


TaxSlayer is user friendly and simple. Their interface enables us to know precisely where you are in the process, and the program allows you to switch between self-directed and directed at the drop of a hat. Even you can use their online version or mobile app to complete your taxes. This is especially useful for those facing challenging fiscal circumstances.


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