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Indian overseas bank online or IOB is one of the banks, which is a renowned public-sector operating in the country. There are more than 3700 domestic branches which are working all over India. Not just that the bank also offers up to 3300 ATMs to the customers so they can easily withdrawal the cash anywhere and anytime without any hassle. Check IOB net banking register and login steps below.

The bank launched its mobile banking services recently with updated technology. With mobile banking, the customers can connect with their account and quickly access their transaction anywhere without worrying about anything. It saves people from wasting their time standing in the queues as now everything is available with one simple click. Along with that, with the customer service and other range in services, the bank is helping in enjoying hassle-free work.

What are the Facilities for IOB Mobile Banking?


There are some essential and useful facilities which the bank is providing to their customer via the mobile banking, well here are some listed points that you can know if you want to get further about the facilities:

  • You can do the fund transfer within the IOB
  • It’s easy to create MMID and hassle-free
  • Also, you can do recovery as well as cancellation of MMID
  • It can be used in case of balance enquiry
  • You can do the transfers to other banks, however for that NEFT and IMPS are available
  • Other facilities like foreign inward remittance, analyse cheque status, Pay DTH/ electricity bills/phone/broadband etc

How can you Register for Mobile Banking?

It’s easy and straightforward you can do the registration; however, you are going to need to do the follow the steps, here are a few points that you need to know:

  • Well, you first going to need to download the registration form which is updated on the website of the bank.
  • The next step includes filling all asked information. Make sure that you fill all the update information such as name, bank account details etc
  • Next, you are going to need to use net banking for getting the services related to mobile banking. First, you must be log in to the internet banking and register for mobile banking by editing the profile of yours.

How can you Activate the IOB Net Banking?

Well to register for net banking, the person should have the account in the bank. If you have that, then follow these steps to activate your net banking:

  • The first step is visiting the official website of the bank. Once you land there, click the continue option to enter and click on the register option which you will get underneath the login option. this will be located to the left side of the page on your screen
  • Once you click on the register option, you will get a form which you need to fill and make sure you do check twice. When you are confirming, you can click on the submit option to continue.
  • The form will get submit successfully; you need to take a print of the submitted application and send it to the nearest branch of the bank you have. You also need to fill the login id and password
  • You activated the net banking after getting the receipt of the submitted application from the bank
  • You can now log in to the registration and for that go to the website again fill the login details.

Who is eligible for IMPS fund transfer in IOB?

To use the mobile banking of the bank, it is also related to the NEFT and IMPS like services as well. The bank offers an IMPS scheme as it works in helping to transform the funds to another account on a real-time basis

Well the account holders, the service can be easily accessed once you get the mobile banking service. You need to register your mobile number with the bank so you can get the services. Its eligible for the IOB IMPS fund transfer, however, it includes:

  • You are going to need valid MMID connected to their account, make sure the account should be primary
  • MPIN availability for facilitating fund transfer between other accounts

What are the advantages of using IMPS?

Well, there are some advantages that you get once you get the IMPS fund transfer in IOB. Here are the listed points that can help you:

  • The fund transfer will be immediate without going through any time taking process.
  • The services are customer-friendly, so you can enjoy it without facing any kind of trouble
  • The IMPS facility is available for 24X7, and it can be used anytime.
  • You don’t have to wait for bank hours as it can be used anytime and at any banking hours.
  • If you have the IOB holding account, then you are eligible to use the IMPS service
  • You can also add more than just one account with the same numbers that hold different MMIDS
  • The customer service is available for 24 hours and to all customers, so in case you are facing any kind of situation they will be ready to help you out
  • The facility can be used for different purpose such as paying utility bills, buying travelling tickets, settle utility bills, DTH top-up, credit card bills etc.

What is the different aspect of this?

There are some prime IOB IMPS fund transfer features such as:

  • Well if you want to access the facility, then you can only do that through mobile or internet banking
  • The remitter as well as recipient, both will get confirmation alerts
  • However, currently, there are no charges that are imposed on service use of IMPS
  • Also, the customers need to use the bank account number, MMID or Mobile money identifier, mobile number for IFSC code, for requesting the fund transfer process
  • Once the transfer is done, both side parties will receive a message that will be declared as confirmation about the transaction that recently taken place between.


Indian Overseas Bank is another most popular banks of India. It comes in the government banking sector. We do know some of the government banks are very slow in the process, but the IOB is the only government bank which does all the tasks of any customer efficiently and on time. The only thing you will find difficult is the activation of internet banking, and we are living in such an era where IMPS fund transfer and having access to internet banking is essential.

However, if you are an account holder of IOB bank then don’t worry in this post, we have added all the details you need to know from the activation of IOB net banking to the fund transfers. Do let us know in the comments section if you need to ask anything else related to IOB net banking.


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