Need the best online banking app? Keep these points in mind!

Most of our daily expenses today are met through online banking apps. So, it is advisable to research well before settling down on a particular mobile banking app for your daily expenses. Read this article to know what you can do to find the best online banking app in India.

Getting the right bank account 

Before choosing a bank’s mobile banking app, you need to make sure that the bank itself offers good products and services. In the case of an online bank account, you can consider modern and leading banks like IDFC FIRST Bank’s savings account which offers monthly interest credits, a competitive interest rate, and a zero-fee policy on major banking services. While choosing a current account, you must prioritise features like doorstep banking, free bulk uploads, POS, QR, and payment gateway facilities. 

Choosing a secure app that offers increased accessibility 

A defining feature of India’s top online banking apps is the high-level security of transactions. Popular banks also allow clients to add an additional layer of security to their mobile banking apps – generally by leveraging biometric technology. IDFC FIRST Bank offers this option to its clients through its mobile banking app. In addition to this, the app is technically sound and does not throw technical glitches while being used.

Opting for an app that does more than just facilitate online transfers

Since the popularity of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has boomed, most mobile banking apps offer fast online transfers. What sets apart the top mobile banking apps of the day is that they offer more options to transfer money online. IDFC FIRST Bank’s “Auto Pay” and “One-Swipe Pay” complement other modes of transferring funds such as UPI transfers. This reduces a customer’s reliance on a single mode of transfer, thereby reducing incidences of failed online transfers.

Looking for budgeting-related features 

Bank mobile apps must provide features that help customers budget better. You can categorise your payments based on their nature through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. Additionally, you can budget better by using the “Track Your Expenses” feature on the app. This feature helps you learn from your previous expenses to budget and save better through the app. 

Availing a loan must be easy through the app

Gone are the days when customers had to visit banks to get a personal loan. The top mobile banking apps of the day offer instant online personal loans too. IDFC FIRST Bank’s popular online personal loans are available instantly through the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. You must use the personal loan EMI calculator on the IDFC FIRST Bank site to know your loan’s repayment cycle in advance. 

Accessing most banking services through the app 

All popular new-age mobile banking apps are all-in-one – they offer all the services that were earlier offered offline. These services include investment-related services, insurance policies, credit and debit card-related offers, and loan offers. You can also open a new bank account through IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app.

Any app that contains the features mentioned in this article could qualify as one of the best mobile banking apps in 2023. 


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