ICICI Bank Net Banking Login and Registration Guide for Beginers !

The modern age requires modern ways of payment and internet banking lets you use the services of the bank form literally anywhere and everywhere. You can sit within the comfort of your home. You should use net banking for a lot of reasons. It is a very efficient way of a transaction of money because you do not need to carry cash and bulk up your wallet. It is also a secure method of payment. You can do net banking from anywhere and avoid the long queues of the bank. This will save you a lot of time. Check simple steps to ICICI Bank Net Banking Login below.

Net banking will also help you when you shop online for your groceries, clothes, electronics, etc. Internet banking will also help you transfer money to your close ones, almost instantaneously. You can also use internet banking on days when the bank has holidays. Internet banking nowadays is using state of the art technologies to provide encryption and superior security system, making your transaction absolutely safe. Internet banking will also help you in your non-transactional processes like PIN changing, inquiry, etc.

Advantages of ICICI Bank Net Banking:

There are several benefits of using ICICI Net banking. The most attractive thing that ICICI net banking offers to all its customers is that time, and again it will give you vouchers when you do transactions via net banking. There are more than 250 features provide to customers who apply for net banking. Get real-time access to your account with ICICI bank net banking.

With the ICICI bank net banking, you can make payments to ICICI bank accounts as well as non ICICI bank accounts. You may also receive payment from both. You may also request for a cheque book and see your account details from net banking. With the latest update, ICICI bank net banking has got to all its customers an elementary feature which includes a dashboard which can be accessed easily.

The customer can choose what information they want to see on the dashboard according to their own needs and the type of account they hold. The information may include your account balance, credit card information, information about your other bank accounts, available credit limit, etc. You can personalize the view of the dashboard any way you want. You can also choose the payables option, which will let you pay your mobile bills, electricity bills, internet connection bills, etc.

You can also use the net banking option to enroll yourself to government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojan, Atal Pension Yojana.

What Are The Steps To Know When You Proceed To Log In To The ICICI Bank Net Banking?


If you want to login to the ICICI Bank net banking, you would first need to check your welcome kit which will have your user id and password. If you have somehow misplaced or forgotten the password, then you made a request for a new one from the registered mobile number that is linked with your bank account. You will be given a unique user id, and you can set your new password immediately. In case you do not have a registered mobile number you can contact the customer care of ICICI Bank or visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch so that new user id and password can be generated for your use.

What Is The Registration Process For The ICICI Net Banking Process?

  • Go to the online page of ICICI Bank, and you will find there are two options which you can choose.
  • Pick the one which states that ‘I want my User ID’ this will lead you to the page that will generate your user ID by the bank.
  • The bank will ask you for your registered mobile number or email id along with your account number when you proceed to generate your user ID.
  • Input the correct details and then go onto the other option of ‘I want my password.’ This option will now lead you to a page which will ask you your valid user ID as well as your registered mobile number or email id.
  • The bank will then send you a unique number.
  • You will receive it on your phone if you have given a valid mobile number audio email id if you have registered your account with your mail-id.
  • You would have to use that number to confirm that the account is valid, you are not logged for using internet banking of the ICICI Bank.
  • For security purposes, you will be asked to change the original password, which was generated by the bank.
  • Choose a strong password to secure your account. You may also fill up the online banking registration form and go to your nearest ICICI Bank ATM.
  • Drop the form in the Dropbox; you may also submit the form to the nearest ICICI Bank branch.

Faqs About ICICI Net Banking:

What are different ICICI banking services that one can apply for online?

You can apply for a debit card or credit card. Ordering new checkbook can be done quickly via online banking services of the ICICI Bank. You may also stop the cheque request. You may block your ATM card if it is lost or stolen. You may also choose to open a fixed deposit or a recurring deposit without even going to the bank. You may also apply for a value-added savings account.

Can you apply for any banking alerts while using ICICI net banking?

You may choose to subscribe for one or all of the following services which include alerts for your account getting debited or credited, cheque bounce and salary credit.

Is ICICI Net Banking Safe?

ICICI net banking has added a new feature called i-safe which allows for the user to get a onetime password to the registered mobile number for a more secure transaction.


ICICI net banking is a safe and secure option for ICICI Bank customers and also for people who wish to open a new bank account and cannot decide on which bank they want to go to. ICICI net banking will help them transfer money and pay bills along with enjoying a lot of other banking services, so it is expected that more and more customers will choose this option.


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