How to Check SBI Bank Account Balance in Offline Modes?

To check the account balance was once considered as one of the hectic works as the options were limited. However, SBI has a range of different options by which you can get the information. This is divided into online and offline modes. Both are for making life easier so you can access the bank account balance. Check steps on How to Check SBI Bank Account Balance below.

For those who want to use the offline method, well, the bank has several services on that. You can get those services to get an update with your account. To know more, here are a few things you should be knowing.

Toll-Free Number (Offline)


The bank has provided the SMS banking service to its customers. They can use the number for checking their balance account and also get a mini statement. All you need is to send as SMS or give a missed call. However, use your registered number for that, and the bank number is toll-free as well. The bank will send the details regarding your account on your phone number

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Here is the process that you can do:

  • To get the mini statement and account balance details, you can give the missed call on 09223766666. This is the toll-free number provided by the bank to their account holders.
  • To send the SMS, you can send ‘BAL’ to 09223766666. To check the mini statement, SMS ‘MSTMT’ on 09223866666.

How Can you Register for Missed Call Service?

For that here are the steps you need to follow:

You just need to send an SMS where you need to mention REG <SPACE> account number and send it to the 09223488888. You will get the confirmation message from the bank. For this, your number should be registered with the bank already.

What are the Options in Online and Offline Both?

Apart from sending SMS or missed call, there are few more options that the bank provides for checking the bank statements and balance. Here is the list for you:

ATM: You can use your ATM/ debit card given by the SBI bank for balance inquiry. For that, you just need to visit the nearest ATM. Swipe your SBI ATM/ Debit card. Now you have to add the 4-digit number of your ATM pin.  Choose the balance inquiry option. End the transaction; you will get the balance.

Net banking:  those who have registered for the net banking service they can use their facility. When you get the net banking, the bank provides you ID and username by which you can access your bank account. You can get information on your bank balance, apart from that you get mortgage loans, personal loans, fund transfer, etc.

Passbook: You get the passbook when you open the bank account with the bank. Well, this is officially issued by the bank so you can update your information related to the bank. To update, you need to visit the nearest branch of your bank. With this, you can get the information on the bank account balance.


We know it is important to keep a check on our bank account balance. As we don’t know about the situations and that is the only and main reason to keep a check on our bank account balance. We know that not everyone has access to the internet or mobile banking so what will be the methods to check bank account balance without using these options? Well, the same process we have mentioned in this article. We have added the process to check SBI bank account balance offline using several ways.


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