BOI Net Banking – Bank of India Online Banking Register and Login Guide

Bank of India is one of the top 10 banks who have their branches in India all over. The Bank offers services like missed call, Internet banking, Mobile banking, etc. to make sure that you enjoy your experience. Also, you don’t have to visit your bank for a simple task or any other work-related to the bank, as these services will do everything for you. Below are the steps that you to follow to register for BOI net banking online

Net banking is a hassle-free option; however, bank of India provides easy and simple steps so you can get yourself registered. Here are the following steps that you can follow:

BOI Net Banking Register:

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is to visit the official site of the bank. Once you visit, you need to click on the sidebar where you will find the retail option. If you are going for business purpose, then click on the cooperate option.

Step 2: In case you are a new user, then you will click on the new user option. You will get a virtual keyboard, and after that, you can start with the registration page.

Step 3: Enter your account number, and then your Mobile Number in the given boxes with precise data. You will get the captcha to fill. You can proceed after that  

Step 4: Next screen will ask you for OTP which you need to give. Well, you get the OTP on your phone number which you must register with the bank before you start the process.

Step 5: Now you need to add all information that the page asked such as Debit or ATM card number, ATM pin, and expiry date. Once you are done click on the continue button

Step 6: Next click on the terms and conditions, proceed with I agree on option.

Step 7: Now enter your password, which should consist of 6-28 character. Repeat the password and click the ‘proceed.’ You will also get a popup which will request you to create your banking user ID. Click on Ok.

Step 8: Now new page having a reference number, Account number, Customer Id, Name, and login User Id will Appear.


How Can you Log in?

Well, after you get your account register for the net banking, you can quickly log in. Here are the steps for you to follow. However, it depends on different cases, including

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Case 1: If you have the password and ID

In this case, you’ve your login id as well as password, at that point basically visit the official site of Bank of India and under your retail banking, enter the login id and password. After successfully filling all the important details, you can log in.

Case 2: Forgot your credentials

If you have your login ID and password, but you forget, then you can follow these steps

  • First of all, visit the official website of BOI, and it will take you to the landing page, click on the option forgot the password.
  • In the following page, enter your id and after that, enter your ATM-cum-Debit card number. Continue with clicking on the confirm option.  
  • well now you get the four links where you need to go with new login password so you can reset your new password  
  • Once you click the link, you can now enter the password you want for login. Always make sure that you are following the guidelines for creating the strong password
  • After that you are done, click on confirm and go back to the login page

What are the features that you get with BOI net banking?

Bank of India’s Net Banking office offers a wide option for their account holders. Not just to make the banking easy but also to keep it simple for everyone.

  1. No matter what type of account do you have with the bank, you can get access to all the services without wandering here and there as everything is available on the single platform. It simplifies the everyday issues that the account holder faces.
  1. you can access all your data regarding your bank, transactions and other things via your phone, tablets, laptop or desktop. Not just that you can activate any services you want and deactivate it if you like.
  1. You can access all the facility of IT returns with the help of net banking. it saves time, and you can do it better instead of doing it in a traditional way  
  1. Also, you can access your transactions, record it, and get all the information anywhere and anytime. The bank is availing net banking to you, so you don’t have to wait to get the holidays over or weekends. You can get the access, and your work is done without any delay
  1. Customers can make installment of different bills, for example, telephone bills, electricity bills, mobile phone bills, etc. Also, the bank offers different deals or discounts as well so you can get the benefits from that too.
  1. Customers trying to apply for a credit card or even track the status or records as well apart from that you can use the services to get instant details regarding anything which is related to your account  

Bank of India Net Banking Advantages:

The Bank of India net financial office offers plenty of points of interest to its clients. Here are few of them

  1. Through web banking, clients can profit by every one of those services that they needed to visit their bank’s branch.
  1. There was a time when the officers used to take too much time in proceeding with your work. Now with the net banking services, you can get all your work done without wasting your time or dealing with peoples.


Net banking in Bank of India makes sure that you enjoy your banking experience without any hassle. It also helps in getting all the services without any worries and issue. Not just that, you need to follow some steps, and once you are done, you can easily access your account whenever you want.


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