Three Engaging Marketing Ideas

No matter the business or industry, all professionals need seamless, crowd-catching marketing tactics to attract and retain a client base. Here are three easy marketing ideas professionals can try to help industries thrive despite any global climate.


Engaging Marketing IdeasMarketers can be certain of one thing: everyone returns to their homes at the end of the day. Business owners can reach a wide audience across states or specifically targeted zip codes with media mail marketing. Industries can stand out from the crowd with colorful fliers or mailed brochures, while some may consider graphically-pleasing postcards for real estate marketing to suit their needs.



Social Media

Engaging Marketing IdeasProfessionals can also market with social media. Online engagement reaches millions of users per platform, making it the perfect portal for businesses to showcase goods and services. Beginning businesses should start by establishing a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Certain businesses, such as real estate firms or tech companies, may find it effective to also maintain a platform on LinkedIn. Designated employees in charge of marketing should consider posting on accounts multiple times a week and engaging fans in meaningful conversations to help build brand recognition, which will in turn lead to potential future sales.


Engaging Marketing IdeasMarketing teams can easily reach clientele with giveaways, both online and in-person. Smaller, home-based businesses can start with a social media giveaway, such as a gift sent to a randomized winner after contest applicants re-post an image or follow the brand’s social media account. Places of business can also opt for in-person giveaways for shoppers and browsers, such as a raffle drawing or door prizes for all guests. Businesses should account for COVID-19 to gift meaningful, memorable products, such as branded hand sanitizer or face masks.

Brands of all types can utilize smart marketing tactics to succeed!

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