Plan your Business Loan with EMI Calculator Formula

One needs large amounts of money to run a business successfully. There are many ways to raise capital but the most common form is a business loan. It is important to research each organization thoroughly before making one decision. Organizations have built up a Business Loan EMI Calculator conveniently for potential customers to choose the best business loan. Let’s clarify the basics prior we go into business loan calculators.

It is important to know how much EMI you must finally pay when a business loan has been made available. This is the first step to decide how much loan you should use to keep the EMI manageable and without having any effect on your company’s monthly needs.

By using the EMI Loan Calculator Formula you can measure the EMI. Higher EMIs, favorable interest rates, and a flexible business loan maturity period enable you to expand your business and refund your financing in comfort. You may take advantage of business loans for working capital requirements or term loans for a larger business need or both despite the business needs and expectations.

Business Loan EMI Calculator

Business Loan EMI:

Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) refers to the monthly refunds you pay to the issuer of the loan. Two parts of an EMI usually include the capital borrowed and the accrued interest. The accrued interest is calculated at the interest rate quoted at the time of the disbursement of the loan.

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Business Loan EMI Calculator Formula:

Business loans are available in many forms. For the most part, monthly payments are expected, such as SBA and traditional loans. Others may only allow payments per week, per day, or interest. A few require repayment upon loan maturity. For small business financing, borrowers can, among others, require an origination, paperwork, or closing fee that may surpass the lender’s actual cost or prices. Such cases can be dealt with by the formula below and the real cost of the loan, including payments.

E = P x r x (1+r) n / (1+r) n-1

Business Loan Prepayment:

Pre-payment is the amount you decide to pay if you have surplus cash before the end of the loan tenure. If you pay the loan in full, you get two options from the bank based on your monthly repayment capacity.

  • Reduce the EMI and retain the tenure
  • Retain the EMI to reduce the repayment period.

Top 10 Banks Interest Rates Details:

Bank Name Loan Amount (Min. – Max.) in Rs. Repayment Tenure Interest Rate (p.a.)
Axis Bank ₹ 50,000 ₹ 50,00,000 1 – 15 years 16% onwards
Deutsche Bank ₹ 10,00,000 ₹ 50,00,000 2 – 4 years 24%
Equitas Small Finance Bank ₹ 5,00,000 ₹ 75,00,000 1 – 5 years 18%
HDB Financial Services Ltd. ₹ 1,00,000 ₹ 30,00,000 1 – 5 years 12% – 36%
HDFC Bank ₹ 50,000 ₹ 50,00,000 1 – 4 years 15.65% to 21.20%
ICICI Bank ₹ 1,00,000 ₹10,00,00,000 1 – 5 years 12.9% – 16.65%
IDFC Bank ₹1,00,000 ₹40,00,000 1 – 5 years 11.69% – 15%
IndusInd Bank ₹1,00,000 ₹15,00,000 1 – 5 years 10.6% -18%
Kotak Mahindra Bank ₹3,00,000 ₹2,00,00,000 1 – 3 years 16.00 % to 19.99%
RBL Bank Ltd. ₹10,00,000 ₹35,00,000 1 – 3 years 16.00% – 27.00%


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