What Are The Best Mutual Funds In India To Invest In 2020?

A mutual fund is a type of investment applicable to a vehicle with a pool of money from investors. It can secure the stocks, bonds, and agreed with investors. Everyone applies for the mutual fund, which is professionally managed by the investment criteria. It permits investors to make purchase securities. It has advantages and disadvantages when compared to direct investment. Do you think which mutual fund is flexible for your investment? Well, we have picked some best mutual funds in India to invest in 2020. I hope it will help you to prefer the best mutual funds under your budget. Along with investment plans and securities, we picked the top-rated mutual funds associated with less investment.

Here you can see the top and best mutual funds in India to invest in 2020.

Top 5 Companies to Invest in Mutual Funds:


  1. Axis long term equity direct plan growth mutual fund

Axis is the most prominent bank in India. People prefer this bank due to its banking facilities and lifelong investment plans. Apart from others, we could search for a mutual fund according to the individual securities. Of course, Axis’ long term equity direct plan growth mutual fund meets the ELSS tax saver fund type. It includes a direct plan fund in 6 years. This fund lasts for three years and worth investment. This type of mutual fund got S&P BSE 200 TRI benchmark.

  1. Aditya Birla Sun life tax relief mutual fund

Aditya Birla is a leading financial provider and investor in India. Apart from many commercial operations, Aditya Birla sun life tax relief 96 fund comes with an open-ended fund category. People prefer this kind of mutual fund and invest them easily. The fund age is a maximum of 6 years, and lock in the period is three years. It gives a smooth investment option for everyone with a secured S&P BSE 200 TRI benchmark. Aditya Birla Sun life tax relief mutual fund has guarantee lifetime and worth for investment.

  1. Invesco India tax plan direct growth mutual fund

Invesco is a leading company which is operating with good investment policies and schemes. Everyone will get a good investment experience and helps people get more out of life. This is an independent investment management firm. Invesco India’s tax plan direct growth is reliable and finds a straightforward policy. It is an open-ended ELSS tax saver fund with six years period. This mutual fund has a growth option. You can get maximum experience in picking the best direct investment. It is one of the best mutual funds in India to invest for people and provides endless opportunities, and investors are happy to invest. Get a safety policy and meet your financial requirements.

  1. Franklin India Prima Fund:

This fund was recently completed 25 years successfully, and it provides excellent CAGR of up to 17.45%. Apart from that, one lakh get invested in the fund in the years 1993, and now it has worth 65. 48 lakh, so most of the investor is lucky for those who spent retire on it. Franklin Prima still works hard to deliver high returns at a vigorous rate in the concise years. When full five years, then it has CAGR at a price range of 10.02% is a benchmark for 10.23%.

  1. SBI Equity hybrid fund direct plan:

It is the right plan for the growth of a well Balanced Mutual fund scheme form the part of the SBI Mutual Fund. This plan announced over the 01 January in the year 2013. At present, these funds controlled by Manager R Srinivasan and Dinesh Ahuja. It has total AUM of 31,619.69 crores, and new NAV declared is 160.095 as of 6th February in the year 2020. This fund type is an option to open and end. The main objective of this plan is for an investor for long terms and liquidity of the open-end scheme by investing.

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Best mutual funds next 10 years:


1. Mirae Asset hybrid equity Mutual fund

This fund is a balanced mutual fund from Mirae asset mutual fund. This plan gets launched in the year 29th July 2015. It is total AUM of INR 3.190.14 crores, and NAV declared is 16.960 as of 06 February at 9.05 pm. This fund plan well performance in a late-year is up to 13.00%, and in the last three years, it is up to 41.22%. It has a low SIP amount is 1000 INR. It is in the form of the open and end type fund that becomes more comfortable for people to get benefits over it. This fund takes care of both Neelesh surana and Mahendra Kumar Jajioo.

2. ICICI Prudential Equity & debt fund direct

It is the same as other mutual funds form the ICIC Prudential Mutual fun. This plan was first launched on 1 January 2013. On using this plan, most of the people get benefits by investing the money over it. This fund is controlled by the manager Manish Banthia, Atul Patel, and Sankaran Naren. This planning helps to find out long term capital appreciation and also income by spend in the portfolio. It has approximate allocation equity from the range of the 60 to 80 % with a low of 51%. And for the debt allocate is form 40 to 49% with a low of 20%.  It is considered one of the best mutual funds in India to invest so people meet a lot of benefits in this fun in a short time.

3.L&T India Large Cap Fund

This is the best scheme that looks to invest in effective chances in international and Indian markets. It is available without any cap bias or any sector. Basically, the fund managers will go with the bottom-up stock-picking strategy. Many reports also suggested that this is one of the best Mutual Funds in India to invest.

Top Performing Mutual Funds in India:


  1. Kotak Standard Multicap Fund

In general, this fund is particularly the flagship scheme of Kotak AMC and this scheme becomes famous because of the AMC. This fund has been delivered the returns 12.38% over the past 5 years. This is above the returns 9.79% which is delivered by its standard S&P BSE 200 effectively. Since 2012, since funds have been managed by the well experienced mutual fund professional Harsha Upadhyaya. He is also served effectively over the large caps to protect the investors from the instability of 2018 and 2019. This has placed around 75% of its assets around the large-cap. It is also having another 1% of assets in small caps and 24% in mid-caps that opens it up to enhance chance in the space of mid-cap.

2. HDFC Small Cap Fund

Basically, the HDFC Small Cap fund is considered to be the top-notch funds with huge advantageous options. At the time of investing around 7 years or more, you can able to gain profit that beat the inflation rate effectively. This process is also very much higher than fixed income options. In general, this is one of the best funds which can able to invest in smaller companies. While compared with the investment of money in larger organizations, this fund will tend to reduce when the stock price starts to decrease. Here, you can able to expect higher returns in the long term but also you must be ready to face ups and downs

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How do you Make Money in Mutual Funds?

Invest Online in Top Performing Funds

If you come to the part of the Mutual fund, then you have a great choice to make money in the three possible ways such the income earn with the help of dividends on stocks and interest over the bond. It pays almost close to all net income, so it collects over the years. When it increases over price, security is called a capital gain. By spending your money over the mutual fund, then you a great chance to develop the three sources, such as dividend payment, capital gain, net asset value. I hope it gives the best idea over the customer to earn more money on this fun.

Is it good to invest in a Mutual fund?

Do you want to know investing in a mutual fund is good or not? If yes, then proceed further. In general, investing in a mutual fund is very much good for you when you are in need of a bulk amount. The major benefit of a mutual fund is that it will permit you to grab the returns of the complete segment of the market. This can be possible via not necessary to sell and buy individual bonds and stocks. Basically, the ability is to expand across many investments by getting a single fund. It is the major reason that mutual funds have become very much popular. You have to clearly describe your investment objectives and goals in order to choose the best mutual fund for you.


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can able to find the list of best mutual funds. You can choose your most suitable one and then grab the ultimate advantages. So, your wait is over now!!! Just pick your perfect mutual fund and proceed further.


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