5 Reasons to Opt For a Tata Capital Business Loan

Running a business is challenging and rewarding, perhaps in equal measure. While most entrepreneurs and business owners realise how deeply fulfilling this undertaking is, a pertinent challenge is the availability of funds, at the right time and in the right measure. To scale business, most turn to some form of external funding – equity or debt. The issue with equity financing is a significant one, i.e. diluting ownership to a large extent. Thus, many business owners choose to turn towards debt funding.

Tata Capital Business Loan

Business loans offer an effective yet simple way to revamp operations, expand business, buy new machinery, and increase working capital, among other business needs. Tata Capital is one of the most prominent lenders offering easy and unsecured business loans, designed for specific needs and to serve myriad purposes.

Here are the top 5 reasons to opt for a business loan at Tata Capital.

No collateral obligations

Tata Capital offers business loans without demanding any kind of collateral or security. The only condition is that of meeting the eligibility criteria. This makes their loan plans an especially attractive option for small businesses that often possess no or minimal assets.

Customisable loan plans

Tata Capital gives you complete flexibility to customise loans to meet the specific needs of your business. Because one size doesn’t fit all, the lender allows you to design plans to suit your requirements. Be it buying new machinery, adding working capital, or expanding operations, its business loans can be tailored to fulfil the unique demands of your business.

Easy eligibility criteria

Apart from designing a loan that meets your needs, Tata Capital also has a high eligibility to allow businesses get access to funding when they need it the most. You can check their eligibility criteria on the website for more clarity. Do remember that your CIBIL score does play a role in the business loan approval. 

Quick disbursal

Tata Capital is a lender that doesn’t make you wait for weeks before your loan application is approved. It has a pretty quick disbursal process in place so your business doesn’t come to a halt or suffer as a result of delayed funding. You can apply online or visit your nearest branch to get quick approval and disbursal on your application.

Flexible repayment options

Taking out a loan doesn’t mean your business’ finances have to take a hit. The lender gives you the option to customise your monthly loan repayment instalment (EMI) as per your convenience. You can repay through a variety of modes – Electronic Clearance Service (ECS), Direct Debit, or Post-Dated Cheques. Check your monthly EMI according to your loan amount and business loan interest rate using a business loan EMI calculator.

As you can see, Tata Capital has designed loans after understanding customer issues and motivations. The lender is also known to offer affordable interest rates with structured EMI options to fulfil your plans of growth. So, you can safely apply online and take your business to new heights with timely and adequate funding.


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